5 Facts You Should Know About Stress

July 6, 2020

Everyone feels stressed from time to time. But what is stress? How does it affect your health? And what can you do about it? Stress is how the brain and body respond to any demand. Every type of demand or stressor—such as exercise, work, school, major life changes, or traumatic events—can be stressful. Stress can affect your
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Set “SMART” goals for 2020

January 2, 2020

Don’t Fall Into This New Year’s Resolution Trap Historically, one of the top New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. Unfortunately, many people look to fad diets and weight loss products to achieve their goals quickly. While fad diets may prove effective initially, research shows that many people don’t find long-term success with these types
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Eating Healthy Despite Holiday Stress

December 4, 2019

Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s bring to mind thoughts of family, friends, fun and food. However, each year, millions of Americans struggle to maintain their waistlines during the holidays while surrounded by tempting holiday treats. Holiday Parties By following the healthy tips below, you can enjoy all your holiday parties, while also
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Sleep Better and Feel Better with One Simple Step

August 1, 2019

Cut Back on the Caffeine Classified as a psychoactive drug, caffeine is a bitter substance found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, some nuts and certain medicines. It has many effects on the body’s metabolism, including stimulation of the central nervous system. It can make you feel more alert and give you a boost of
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Employee Wellness During Flu Season

October 5, 2018

With flu season on the way, arm your employees now with the information they need to manage their own, and their family’s potential illness. COLD OR FLU? Though the common cold and seasonal influenza share several symptoms, there are points of differentiation that will help you identify which you may have in order to seek
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Protect Yourself From Foodborne Illness

September 7, 2018

Foodborne Illness is on the Rise It’s scary, but it’s the truth. You’ve likely seen the news reports this year, announcing recall after recall of produce, eggs and other foods. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the overall number of diagnosed cases of listeria and salmonella, among others, increased 96 percent
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New High Blood Pressure Guidelines

September 4, 2018

Do You Know Your Risk? The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology redefined what is considered high blood pressure (HBP) in November 2017, based on new evidence supporting a lower threshold. Stage 1 high blood pressure, also known as hypertension 1, is consistently measured at 130 over 80 or greater. The previous threshold
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Emergency Room or Urgent Care?

August 7, 2018

More than 10 percent of all emergency room visits could have been better addressed in either an urgent care facility or a doctor’s office. If you’re suddenly faced with symptoms of an illness or injury, how can you determine which facility is most appropriate for your condition? The Emergency Room (ER) Emergency rooms are equipped
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Using Incentives in Wellness Programs

May 15, 2018

  The Need for Incentives Workplace wellness programs seek to impact risk factors associated with preventable illnesses by promoting healthy lifestyle choices. Because lifestyle behaviors are deeply ingrained, making behavioral changes is difficult and requires discipline and dedication. One way to raise and maintain employee interest in wellness programs is to offer incentives. The best
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