3 Ways to Fight Holiday Stress

December 4, 2018

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Holiday stress plagues many Americans every year. Top holiday stressors include staying on a budget, managing multiple commitments and finding the perfect gift. Use these three tips to help keep holiday stress at bay this year.

  • Create your budget now. If you’re stressed about how your holiday spending will impact you after the holidays are over, you’re not alone. Remember, the sentiment of a gift is much more important than the cost. Set a realistic budget and do not go over it.
  • Shop early. Sometimes, you can get great deals on presents even before the holiday season hits. Moreover, you can avoid the scenario of not being able to get the gift you want because it’s sold out.
  • Don’t overcommit yourself. Are you planning on hosting a holiday dinner? Are there any holiday parties you have to attend? Do you have to pick up loved ones from the airport? Making a list of your commitments will help you plan your time and help you avoid double-booking yourself.

Holiday Budgeting 101

Money is the #1 holiday stressor. Budget wisely by following these simple tips:

  1. Review your shopping list carefully. Does everyone listed truly need a gift?
  2. Set a maximum dollar limits for each person and stay within that limit.
  3. Leave the credit cards at home when you go shopping.

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